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 Indulgence and Relaxation in a Villa Wonderland


The Keemala is the first Green Sign certified hotel in Thailand. The resort with its 38 villas and cottages is set amidst the rainforests of Kamala on Phuket and embodies the perfect blend of Thai tradition, modern design and sustainability. Founders Samornpun and Tanapong Somnam have carefully built the resort into the landscape with ecosystem protection as a top priority. Keemala celebrates the culture of four mystical Phuket tribes, the 'Pa-ta-pea' (earth), the 'Khon-Jorn' (wanderer), the 'We-ha' (sky) and the 'Sprout-Nok' (nest). The eco-luxury resort harnesses the methods of their lifestyles and applies them to the guests' holiday experience, including in the spa programmes and wellness treatments at the Mala Spa.