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 NEOM's Board of Directors proudly unveiled today their newest luxury coastal destination, Magna, set along the captivating Gulf of Aqaba. This addition enriches NEOM's commitment to sustainable tourism within the region.

Magna spans a breathtaking 120 kilometers of coastline and integrates twelve unique destinations: LeyjaEpiconSirannaUtamoNorlanaAquellum, ZardunXaynor, ElananGidoriTreyam and Jaumur.. These areas are designed to redefine global standards in luxurious, sustainable tourism and are direct reflections of the innovative Saudi Vision 2030.

The project emphasizes state-of-the-art technology, superior architecture, and modern amenities that harmonize with the natural environment. While each location offers distinctive experiences for both residents and visitors, together they create a cohesive and luxurious coastal retreat. The initiative includes the development of 15 opulent hotels, 1,600 varied accommodations, and over 2,500 upscale residences.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, Chief Executive Officer of NEOM, commented,

“NEOM’s premier coastal region of Magna is a treasure of tomorrow, steeped in natural beauty and advanced technology. Aligned with our three pillars of redefining business, conservation, and livability, Magna will play a key role in building a strong tourism ecosystem within NEOM. Importantly, Magna will contribute positively to the national economic diversification efforts and to the broader Saudi Vision 2030 goals, helping to position the Kingdom as a global leader in luxury tourism.”

The creation of Magna is expected to generate 15,000 jobs in the tourism, leisure, and hospitality sectors, boosting the Kingdom's economy with a projected addition of SAR2.6 billion to the GDP by 2030. It will house 14,500 residents and aims to attract over 300,000 overnight guests each year.

Magna represents an exceptional investment opportunity within one of the most ambitious developments globally. Every phase, from design through to construction and ongoing maintenance, integrates sustainability practices, setting a new benchmark for future projects.

Magna joins the ranks of other significant NEOM projects like SindalahTHE LINETrojena, and Oxagon, continuing to transform the northwest Saudi landscape into a global innovation hub.

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