Are you ready for an electrifying display of pyrotechnic artistry against the stunning backdrop of Malta and Gozo's iconic landmarks? Look no further than the Malta International Fireworks Festival—an event that promises to captivate fireworks enthusiasts, tourists, families, and culture seekers alike.

Set to unfold in various picturesque locations across Malta and Gozo, this festival offers more than just a dazzling spectacle. It's a celebration of tradition, culture, and sheer visual splendor.

From the historic streets of Valletta to the charming coastal town of Marsaxlokk, and the scenic beauty of Mellieħa to the quaint village of Nadur in Gozo, the festival showcases the best of Malta's diverse landscape. But it doesn't stop there—the grand finale awaits at the majestic Grand Harbour of Valletta, promising a finale that will leave you breathless.

The Malta International Fireworks Festival promises an experience like no other. Whether you're drawn by the allure of fireworks, eager to delve into Malta's rich cultural heritage, or simply seeking a night of unparalleled entertainment, this festival has something for everyone.

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Prepare to be dazzled, delighted, and immersed in the magic of the Malta International Fireworks Festival.

The Malta International Fireworks Festival 20th - 30th April 2024