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In recent updates from Jordan, the country is taking a pragmatic step into the world of medical tourism, as highlighted by Joran News. Beyond its picturesque landscapes and cultural richness, the Ministry of Health in Jordan has introduced tailored medical packages, signaling a commitment to providing quality healthcare and establishing itself as a noteworthy player in medical tourism.

During a recent meeting of the Higher Committee for Medical Tourism, chaired by Raed Al-Shbool, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, it was disclosed that Jordan has finalized its plan for medical tourism from 2023 to 2027. The discussions primarily focused on the establishment of rules and standards for hospitals, doctors, and logistics services.

The Salamtak platform, crucial for promoting medical tourism, is undergoing preparatory updates for its launch. Noteworthy changes include the inclusion of logistics service providers and comprehensive information about hospitals, doctors, and medical packages.

Simultaneously, the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JOCC) and the Jordan Tourism Board reported progress in integrating logistics service providers into the Salamtak platform. Bahjat Hamdan, a key JOCC member, engaged in productive discussions with the tourism services sector, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to services offered through Salamtak.

Dr. Ziad Al-Zoubi added a practical aspect to Jordan's healthcare narrative, announcing plans for a dedicated day promoting medical tourism during the Gaza Reconstruction Conference in February. This move not only signifies Jordan's commitment to maintaining its regional standing but also aims to position itself as a pragmatic destination for medical tourism globally.

In this unfolding chapter, Jordan extends an invitation not only through its cultural and natural appeal but as a destination dedicated to providing reliable healthcare solutions for those seeking practical and effective medical tourism experiences.

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