Virtuzone’s Silver Visa Package – a first-of-its-kind 5-Year Visa and 5-Year Trade License offer – allows business owners to save on visa and license renewal costs.

The offer also presents investors with a more cost-effective alternative to golden visa, which typically requires an investment of AED 2 million, for only AED 59,999 for a 5-Year Visa and 5-Year Trade License.

Virtuzone further cements its position as the UAE’s leading company formation specialists as it introduces a market-first five-year residence visa and five-year trade license package, offering entrepreneurs and businesses a ground-breaking business setup solution that offers long-term security, enhanced value, and increased savings.

Trade licenses issued in the UAE generally have a one-year validity period while residence visas have a two-year validity period, and both documents must be routinely renewed. With Virtuzone’s first-of-its-kind 5-Year Visa and 5-Year Trade License offer, available for only AED 59,999, business owners can significantly save on license and visa renewal costs, facilitate uninterrupted business operations for five years, and remove the need to invest time and resources into the paperwork and processes that come with standard renewal procedures.

In addition to these advantages, this unique offer allows entrepreneurs to sponsor their dependents on five-year visas, ensuring their spouse, children and parents can enjoy long-term residency and security in the UAE.

Gary Thompson, Commercial Director at Virtuzone, said: “Our ethos as a company is to constantly find ways and innovative solutions that will generate substantial and long-term value for the UAE’s start-up and SME community. We have created this exclusive offer with the goal of giving them a means to establish their companies, sponsor their loved ones and raise their family here, and have the confidence and peace of mind that they can enjoy a secure and stable future in the UAE. Saving money is, of course, an added bonus.”


An award-winning corporate service provider, Virtuzone has also added bank account opening support and corporate tax registration to this pioneering offer, so that new business owners will not have to deal with these challenges, thus easing their entrepreneurial journey. Opening a bank account is one of the biggest obstacles that most start-ups and new entrepreneurs face, while the country’s new corporate tax rules can seem overwhelming to both new and existing companies.


The company’s newly introduced 5-Year Visa and 5-Year Trade License offer also presents investors with a more cost-effective alternative to golden visa, which can require a minimum monthly salary of AED 30,000, a minimum bank deposit of AED 2 million, or a property with a valuation of at least AED 2 million.