Challenging Interview with Jordan's Minister of Tourism, Mr. Makram Mustafa Queisi : Unveiling the Wonders of Jordan in 30 Seconds ! |
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In an exclusive interview with Tourismag, Jordan's Minister of Tourism, Mr. Makram Mustafa Queisi, discussed the myriad wonders that Jordan has to offer to curios traveler.

The minister was challenged by Tourismag to encapsulate the essence of Jordan's tourism in just 30 seconds, and what ensued was a whirlwind tour of the nation's most remarkable features.

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I'm very pleased to be speaking with TourismAG and highlighting the enchanting world of tourism in Jordan,
You've given me a mere 30 seconds, but I could talk for hours about our incredible destinations.

the minister began, with enthusiasm.

He swiftly moved to address any time constraints by highlighting the exceptional qualities that set Jordan apart

Jordan is a destination like no other," he declared. "You'll often hear this from any Minister of Tourism, but let me tell you just how extraordinary it is. Our country boasts the lowest point on Earth, the famous Dead Sea, which sits a remarkable 320 meters below sea level."

With the clock ticking, he seamlessly transitioned to another remarkable attraction.

And then, you can ascend to Wadi Rum, a site proudly inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage list, he continued. "Nestled within Wadi Rum is the Mountain of Um ad Dami, standing tall at 1,853 meters. It's a journey from Earth's depths to its heights, and you can accomplish this remarkable feat in just two hours. I challenge you to find such a diverse experience anywhere else in the world."

The minister concluded with a gracious "Thank you," leaving us with a tantalizing glimpse into the astounding diversity of Jordan's natural beauty and cultural treasures. With his brief but captivating description, he demonstrated that Jordan is a nation that truly has it all – from the depths of the Dead Sea to the heights of the Mountain of Um ad Dami, making it an unparalleled destination for any avid traveler.

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