Al Jaddaf Rotana Complex Unveils Cutting-Edge Football Pitch and Elevates its Status as a Premier Sports Destination |
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The Al Jaddaf Rotana Complex has unveiled an innovative football pitch that is poised to become a prominent sports hub for football enthusiasts and academies. This complex, which includes Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite, Arabian Park Dubai, and Park Apartments Dubai, is now primed to be a major attraction for professional sports teams and academies.

Situated in the prestigious Al Jaddaf district, the Al Jaddaf Rotana Complex has undertaken this ambitious project to redefine the landscape of both hospitality and sports in this premier business and lifestyle community. With the vision of seamlessly blending luxurious accommodations with world-class sporting facilities, the brand-new football venue is an exciting addition.

Designed to serve as a premier destination for footballers and to host top-tier tournaments, this football pitch has been purpose-built for training and academies. It boasts professional dimensions and well-appointed locker rooms, catering to the needs of both professional teams and amateur athletes.

The complex comprises three exceptional hotels – Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite, Arabian Park Dubai, and Park Apartments Dubai – offering a combined total of 730 rooms and a diverse range of 9 dining options. These accommodations feature contemporary luxury, stylish decor, and state-of-the-art amenities. In addition to the football pitch, the complex also houses the Top Spin tennis academy with 6 tennis courts and 10 paddle courts.

Haytham Omar, Complex General Manager of Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite, Arabian Park Dubai - Edge by Rotana, and Park Apartments Dubai - Edge by Rotana, expressed enthusiasm about this new addition and the successful summer season, stating, 

We are delighted to announce the inauguration of the football pitch, which is sure to attract football clubs and enthusiasts, elevating this area to a premier sports destination. We are already in discussions with the UAE national football team for potential hosting, along with negotiations with other esteemed clubs from both the region and Europe. This addition perfectly complements the exceptional business we experienced during the summer months, with an outstanding occupancy rate exceeding 80% across our three esteemed properties. As we approach the final quarter of 2023, marked by the highly anticipated COP 28, we are gearing up for a bustling period of activity.

Haytham Omar, Complex General Manager of Al Jaddaf Rotana Suite


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