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Red Sea Global (RSG), the visionary developer behind the world's most ambitious regenerative tourism destinations, The Red Sea and Amaala, has forged a strategic alliance with the Royal Commission for Alula (RCU), the custodian of the culturally rich Alula region in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.


This transformative partnership is poised to propel Saudi Arabia into the global spotlight as a premier destination for both tourists and investors. It aligns with the shared objectives of both organizations: to establish new global benchmarks in responsible development and fulfill their integral roles in Vision 2030. This visionary framework aims to diversify the Kingdom's economy, with a particular focus on sectors such as tourism.


John Pagano, Group CEO of Red Sea Global, emphasized their commitment to a model of development that places paramount importance on the well-being of people and the environment. He stated, "As a custodian of some of Saudi Arabia’s most precious sites of natural beauty, environmental value, and vibrant community life, we are dedicated to spearheading a new model of development that prioritizes people and planet."


Mr. Pagano continued,

With RCU sharing our green ambitions and social values, our collaboration will drive innovation in how we develop destinations and infrastructure and, moreover, how we do so responsibly. Together, we have the potential to deliver unparalleled progress for the Kingdom and challenge the status quo in both tourism and sustainability.


The newly established Memorandum of Collaboration sets the stage for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between RSG and RCU. This exchange will focus on development practices that rejuvenate the environment, empower local communities, and create an enticing investment landscape to further diversify the Saudi economy. Additionally, it will create enhanced career opportunities for young Saudi talent aspiring to enter the travel industry.


This partnership comes at a pivotal moment for RSG as it prepares to welcome its first guests to its flagship destination, The Red Sea, later this year. Upon full completion by 2030, The Red Sea will boast 50 hotels with up to 8,000 hotel rooms, alongside residential properties. Amaala, in turn, will offer over 3,000 hotel rooms and 1,200 luxury apartments and villas upon its completion. These destinations will feature marinas, golf courses, upscale retail options, fine dining establishments, wellness centers, and leisure facilities. Together, they are anticipated to contribute a combined SAR 33 billion to the Saudi economy and generate as many as 120,000 jobs.


Meanwhile, RCU has solidified its position as a must-visit destination for travelers seeking luxurious accommodations and unique cultural experiences set against a backdrop of natural beauty.

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