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Dubai, UAE, 5 June 2023: GoWell, a health and wellness application offered by etisalat by e& has collaborated with Valeo Health to bring revolutionary online solutions. This partnership promises to transform the wellness landscape in the region by introducing new and personalised preventive health checks for customers to proactively know and improve their health while getting rewarded. 

With Valeo’s convenient health and well-being one-stop-shop model, customers are provided with all the tools needed to be well-informed about their health status and take the right action. Valeo combines ease of ordering at-home blood testing, evidence-based quality supplements, and highly experienced practitioners for a truly holistic healthcare experience. 

etisalat by e&’s health and wellness application, GoWell, is an innovative app with a unique rewards system going beyond traditionalfitness apps, providing users with the tools they need to understand and improve their overall well-being. With rapidly evolving features such as health-age assessment, mental well-being, nutrition, and much more, GoWell offers a comprehensive platform to support users on their health journeys. GoWell has now welcomed Valeo as its preventive healthcare partner for a selection of at home health services. Subscribers who complete their Valeo healthchecks will be entitled to exclusive rewards.

"We’re proud to partner with etisalat by e&’s GoWell app to make convenient healthcare accessible for GoWell users, we believe this partnership presents the right experience for people to stay engaged with their health goals." says Nadine Karadag Valeo Health Co-founder. 

Valeo has curated exclusive GoWell health packages to further simplify a user’s health and fitness journey. All they have to do is choose the date and time for a certified nurse to visit their home where different health services are performed such as: BMI measurement, blood pressure, and a range of basic to comprehensive blood test sample collections. These indicators are then analysed by Valeo’s health experts and published in-app with simplified explanations so users can go back to them whenever needed. Each package even offers a FREE online health consultation to provide additional support on understanding one’s health status. Furthermore, users can get up to 15,000 points worth of rewards once they upload these health check results on the GoWell app. 

With this new partnership between Valeo Health and GoWell, users now have access to the unparalleled convenience of at-home health assessments. This enables them to better manage their health and earn substantial rewards for achieving their wellness goals. Such tools and reward mechanisms motivate users to remain engaged and achieve the ultimate prize - optimized health. 


About Valeo Health 

Valeo Health is on a mission to make taking care of your health so easy and convenient by providing impactful health services to your doorstep. 

From curated at-home blood test packages and online health consultations to quality supplements based on local demands with international manufacturing standards, Valeo is your one-stop-shop to keeping track of your health. 

Choose the date and time that suits you best and book your at-home blood sample collection with a certified nurse. Receive your results fully explained in simple terms and get to the bottom of your symptoms with a FREE online health consultation. Improve your levels by ordering the right supplements - delivered straight to your home and complete the cycle by retesting to monitor your health trends. 

Valeo ships its supplements all across the GCC and is now providing at-home blood test solutions in the UAE & the KSA. 

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