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Red Sea Global (RSG), the developer of ambitious regenerative tourism destinations, The Red Sea and Amaala, has launched a new adventure sports brand called Akun. This brand will provide guests at RSG destinations with authentic and unique experiences that are in line with the group's responsible ethos. The name Akun, which comes from the Arabic word meaning "to be", reflects the brand's mission to encourage people to live meaningfully and find their own way.

The brand will offer a diverse range of adventure sports experiences such as gravel, mountain, fat tire and electric biking, trail running, hiking, climbing, scrambling, and thrilling action sports for beginners and athletes. Akun will also be closely connected to local communities, working to develop conservation and cultural trails, and sharing the incredible stories of these ancient lands.

Combined with WAMA and Galaxea, our water sports and diving brands, we can now offer a full trio package of sporting experiences ahead of our first guests arriving at The Red Sea this year. Aligning with these brands and our broader company vision, Akun will operate with sustainability at its core and in line with our regenerative ambitions to protect and enhance the local environment,” said John Pagano Chief Executive Officer at Red Sea Global

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